Having more than a decade years of experiences in the Electronics Industry, we are definitely the partner that you can rely and entrust to strengthen your Purchasing Department.

Globalink Electronics (s) Pte. Ltd. is one of the world's leading electronics components supplier and distributor. With our vast experiences from more than a decade ago, we have assisted thousands of customers from various businesses in supplying high quality electronics components. With Globalink Electronics purchasing expertise, we ensure all businesses including Small-Medium Entreprises (SMEs) to enjoy the same competitve pricing edge without compromising on the quality of the electronics components.

To pace with the rapid growth of the Electronics Industry, we have to change our traditional ways of management. With that said, time and money are always the 2 factors which are unavoidable. We have since integrated state-of-the-art technologies which enables us to track the electronics components manufacturing process and at the same time, ensures timely delivery. On top of that, Globalink Electronics boasts a high quality control checking processes which are fully managed by modern technological solutions. With all these in place, we have boosted our clients' confidence in our service level and electronic products. We understand the hassle of having to monitor the fluctuation of prices, factory lead time, and meeting of production deadlines, etc. The worst thing is to go through these processes repeatedly with numerous vendors every day!

Let us share your worries and workloads! Our sales team is ever-ready to take on any challenges and we are confident to be of value-add to your esteem organisation.

testimonials from CUSTOMERS

  • Top-notch quality service from Globalink Electronics. Certainly the best electronics components supplier I ever came across! Andrew Managing Director, Hong Kong

  • 价格, 交期优势, 对于Globalink的服务态度满意 张小姐 采购总监,中国

  • 品質上的保證, 不拖延回覆時間, 擁有效率的售后服務! David Lin Managing Director, Taiwan

  • Superb Pre and After Sales Service. Timely Delivery. Highly recommended to all! Lim Kok Leong Executive Director, Malaysia

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